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Qingdao Film and Television Artists Association


Qingdao Film and Television Artists Association was formed after Qingdao Film Artists Association and Qingdao Television Artists Association, established in 1989, had the second leadership transition and integrated into one association. It is a folk group composed of Qingdao artists and amateur workers engaged in film and television. According to the Articles of Association, the Members’ Representative Conference shall be held once every five years to electthe presidium and the board of directors. The Fourth Members’ Representative Conference was held, in November 2004and elected the Fourth Presidium and the Board of Directors. Ever since its establishment, the Association has actively carried out film and television literature creation, film and television shooting, production, publicity, and promotion activities. In addition, great efforts have been made in terms of film and television art theory study, and film and television talent exploration and cultivation, contributing a lot to the prosperity and development of the television, film, and art industry in Qingdao.

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