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Qingdao Yufeng Film and Television Training Base


Qingdao Yufeng Film and Television Training Base ("Yufeng Film and Television"), was formerly known as Shandong Shooting Headquarters of Overseas Chinese Film and Television Production Center. During 1991-1994, it participated in the shooting and production of The Empress Wu, a 30-episode TV series starred by Liu Xiaoqing, a famous Chinese actress. Afterwards, it independently shot the Cattle Distributing, Shadow, and Muzzle, which were awarded the First Prize (one winner in total), Second Prize and Excellence Prize respectively in China Short TV Drama Competition. Yufeng Film and Television was established in 2001, and is one of the earliest companies that can independently produce films and TV series. The company mainly focuses on the shooting of HD digital films for CCTV-6. Its business scope now includes production of films, TV series and micro films, and performer training.

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