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Superior Geographical Environment


Qingdao is located in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean and south of the Shandong Peninsula, stretching in longitude from 119°30′ to 121°00′ Eand in latitude from 35° 35 to 37° 09 N. It is surrounded by the Jiaozhou Bay, facing South Korea and Japan across the sea. With a total area of 11,282 km2 and a resident population of 9.046 million, Qingdao is an important central city along China’s eastern coast. As one of the largest outlets to the sea along the Yellow River, Qingdao is a famous international port city and seaside destination enjoying the reputation of "Eastern Switzerland".

Qingdao is blessed with excellent comprehensive geographical conditions. Influenced by typical marine climate, Qingdao is warm in winter and cool in summer, humid and pleasant. It is also a coastal hilly city, which is not only diverse and rich in topography, but also with the area boasting the highest variety of plants in the same latitude area, with its forest coverage rate up to 40%. In addition, Qingdao has abundant marine resources, with a sea area of 12,200 km2, and a coastline of 817 kilometers long. It has 69 islands, which make up a total area of 138,000 km2.

As Chinas most famous coastal city, Qingdao perfectly absorbs the advantages of sea, mountain, sky, island, city, and bay. The historic city zone between the mountains and the sea bears the rich connotation of the blending of Eastern and Western cultures and forms a unique European city style. Coupled with strong air visibility, suitable light and so on, it provides exceptional natural conditions for film and television shooting, thus known as the "Oriental Natural Studio".

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