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Laoshan, located in the east of Qingdao, was once called Laoshan ("牢山" in Chinese), Laoshan ("劳山" in Chinese) and Aoshan, etc. in ancient times. It is the major mountain of the Shandong Peninsula. The main peak of Laoshan is called "Jufeng" or "Laoding", 1,132.7 meters above sea level. And it is the highest peak along Chinas coastline, enjoying the fame of the "First Famous Mountain on the Sea". There is an old saying among the local people, "Mountain Tai is not as gorgeous as Mountain Lao, although it is higher."

"Jufeng", the highest peak of Laoshan, is also called "Laoding", and it is located at 36°10′ N and 120°37′ E which is 1,132.7 meters above sea level and with a peak area of about 1.5 km2. It is the main peak of Laoshan.

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