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Hou Hongliang


Hou Hongliang, Producer of Once Upon a Time in Qingdao:

On January 18, 2012, the Publicity Department of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, Shandong Film and Television Production Center, China Broadcast & TV Culture (Qingdao) Co, Ltd. and Beijing JianhaoYangguang Entertainment Co., Ltd. entered into a cooperation agreement on investment in shooting Once Upon a Time in Qingdao, which marked the beginning of shooting the large-scale TV series Once Upon a Time in Qingdao reflecting the history and customs of the modern Qingdao.

The TV series are produced by HouHongliang who was the Deputy Director of Film and TV Department of Shandong Film and Television Production Center and General Manager of Shandong Film & TV Production Co., Ltd. HouHongliang’s most notable works include the TV series Drift, Chuang Guandong, Family on the Go, Romance of Our Parents, Battle of Changsha, All Quiet in Peking, Nirvana in Fire,The Disguiser, etc.

Hou is dedicated to settingan industry benchmark by placing emphasis on the spirit and quality of works. He insists that fine works of superior quality are only produced by a team of exceptional skills and abilities. Under his leadership, his production team has achieved a great success of selling three of their works to CCTV and other top TV channels to broadcast at the beginning of a year and won a number of national TV awards.

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