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Legendary Pictures


Legendary Pictures -- Investor of Godzilla 2
Founded in 2007, Legendary Pictures has been dedicating to film investment, education of film culture, company logo promotion, and communication. In 2008 Legendary Pictures launched Fest Film Festival, aiming to cultivate promising superior young directors.
Legendary Pictures and many embassies in China reached a cooperation agreement to promote the exchange of film culture. They include the French Embassy Film Center and the UniFrance, the Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Czech Republic cultural centers, Colombian Culture Center, etc. LP is a growing film culture company that is moving towards the international market.
Legendary Pictures has invested in many films including Pleasant Life (《惬意的生活》), Jade Eyes (《孔雀眼》, co-produced). Meanwhile, LP reached an agreement on movie copyright cooperation with film and television institutions from many countries. They include French Gaumont Film Company and Canal+, French Meimangdu Film Distribution Company, and Spanish Instituto Cervantes etc.
Legendary Entertainment has produced 22 film and television works. In addition, the company is shooting another four films and developing other projects. Among the 22 works, 21 have been released in theaters, and the other one directly released DVD. The movies were all released by Warner Bros in theatre (except Watchmen co-published by Warner & Paramount), and the DVD was released by Warner Premiere. After August 2013, the contract between Warner and Legendary expired, and LP established cooperation with NBC Universal).
Legendary Pictures is the major investor of Godzilla issued in 2014.

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