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Universal Pictures


Universal Pictures is one of the world’s largest film and TV series studios. It is also one of the companies with the longest history in Hollywood, and was the most powerful film studio in Hollywood at its beginning stage. However, as its founder Carl Laemmle insisted to operate the Company with its self-owned fund, and it did not have influential chain cinemas. In 1920s, Universal Pictures started to wane. In 1970s, Universal Pictures regained its top Hollywood company title, as it cooperated with famous directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and released Jaws, E.T. and subsequent Jurassic Park. Other directors frequently cooperating with Universal Pictures include Robert Zemeckis (the Back to the Future series), and Ronald William Howard (Apollo 13). When it comes to the 21st century, Universal Pictures becomes the big Hollywood studio doing best in producing sequels and comic films. As the Bourne and Fast & Furious sequels gain popularity, Universal Pictures gradually becomes much stronger. In 2010, the MGM Company went bankrupt, and Universal Pictures moved to the top spot in Hollywood.

Godzilla 2, co-produced with Legendary Pictures, has won praises at home and abroad, and Pacific Rim 2 to be released in 2017 is also worth expecting.

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