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Qingdao Radio and Television


Established in 2005, Qingdao Radio and Television Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Qingdao TV Station. With large-scale theatrical performance plan and organization as its core business, it also produces TV series, films, and original column shows. With its broadcasting platform being Be Your Star on the Qingdao TV Station Qingdao Broadcasting &Film Art Specialist School under its operation cultivates professional film talents every year. The Company pursues an international all-round development relying on the superior cultural and geographical environment and natural film shooting scenes of Qingdao. Qingdao Radio and Television Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contribution to the cultural development of Qingdao, and it is also an important window for the world to know more about Qingdao.

The Company conducts the organization, creation, filming, and distribution of TV series as well. Once Upon a Time in Tsingtao, an epic TV series co-produced by Shandong Film and TV Series Center and Qingdao Radio and Television Co., Ltd., has gained popular appraisal from the public.

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