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Toho Company Limited


Toho Company Limited (Toho), is one of the five biggest film studios in Japan. It was derived from the “Tokyo Takarazuka Theater” established in 1932. Toho just means the “Takarazuka of Tokyo”. At the very beginning, Toho operated theaters, and later got involved in the film industry. Now, besides the film related business, several famous theaters in Tokyo is owned by Toho, for example, the first Western-style theater of Japan, “Imperial Theater”. When the Fuji TV Station started in 1959, Toho was one of the major founders.

Toho has distributed a lot of cartoons that are very popular in Japan. The prototype of Godzilla is also designed by Toho, and its cartoon version’s production was completed in last century. Godzilla 2 released in 2014 is a sequel of Godzilla, and also a further production and improvement of the prototype of Godzilla. Godzilla 2 once took scenes in Qingdao.

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