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Red tiles and green trees, clear blue sea and blue sky, red reef and colorful sails, golden beach. Qingdao is a city in southern Shandong peninsula and sits on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. Lying around the Jiaozhou Bay and looking out to Korea and Japan, the city stretches in longitude from 119° 30 to 121° 00 E and in latitude from 35° 35 to 37° 09 N. It covers an area of 11,282 square kilometers with a resident population of 90,460,000. As a major city on the east coast of China and one of the largest estuary in the Yellow River basin, Qingdao is a world renowned port city and coastal tourist resort and is reputed as “Switzerland in the East”.

Bestowed with favorable geographic conditions, Qingdao has a humid and pleasant oceanic climate that is warm in winter and cool in summer. The hilly seashore and multiple landscapes make it the area with the richest plants species compared with places in the same latitude. Nearly 40% of the area is covered by forests. At the same time, the city owes rich maritime resources including a sea area of 12,200 square kilometers, a coastline of 817 kilometers, and 69 islands with a total area of 138,000 square kilometers.

As the best known seaside city in China, Qingdao perfectly integrates the sea, mountain, sky, island, city and bay. The historic city center remaining beside the mountain and sea represents a history of culture blending of the east and the west and gives distinct atmosphere similar to European cities. Along with good air visibility and brilliant sunshine, all this unique advantages make Qingdao a natural “Studio of the East”.

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