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Qingdao is a major education center in East China. Focusing on the R&D of maritime science and industry, it is home to the country’s 30% maritime research institutes, including the State Maritime Science and Technology Agency, and Ocean University of China, and undertakes 50% of China’s maritime science key projects, which contributes to its leading maritime innovation competiveness in China.

Qingdao boasts quality modern public cultural services and well developed cultural market, including the four-level (municipal, district, sub-district and community) free public cultural equipment which forms a fully covered, well distributed and convenient “15-minute culture circle”. The culture center, science and technology hall, exhibition hall, museum and other modern cultural facilities facilitate the development of various cultural activities. By the end of 2015, there were 475 cultural agencies, including 13 libraries, 40 theatres, 185 culture centers (stations), over 20 museums and 7 art troupes.

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