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Urban administrative function


Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone planning core regional leading city.Qingdao Reforms Administrative Approval System in Economic Zones

The city is speeding up the establishment of a unified online approval platform, allowing the Qingdao Customs to receive application to China E-port System in the municipal administrative approval and service hall. The hall is the first in China to carry out simultaneous operation of approval and certificate issuing, provide free express delivery of certificate, introduce agencies into the hall, and promote joint acceptance of construction engineering. The reporter learns from the municipal administrative service office that Qingdao’s administrative approval efforts achieved fruitful outcomes in 2016. A series of reform and innovation in this field have been carried out to achieve good economic and social results. All this contribute to government function transforming and service-oriented government construction.

Establishing a Unified Online Approval Platform

The Qingdao Online Administrative Approval Platform Plan presents a blueprint of the city’s online approval system. It unifies existing district and county-level systems, so that they have software of same version, same standard for business application, and ability for real-time data collection.

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