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Urban core creative elements


The implementation of a series of administrative examination and approval reform and innovation measures to promote the realization of good economic and social benefits.

Qingdao was established beside the sea and flourished along the sea. Ocean is the key culture element in its past, present and future. Since the reform and opening up in 1980s, Qingdao has taken advantages of its marine resources and given full play to electronic industry and home appliances, shipping building, and petrochemical industry. It followed a development path relying on port related resources. During the post financial crisis period, with the changes in overseas market, increase of labor cost and shortage of various resources, the old pattern was seriously challenged. The city realized that an economy entity without the support of culture is unsustainable and it must find new driving forces and development patterns based on its reality.

Seizing the strategic opportunity of building up the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, Qingdao launched Opinions on Promoting Cultural Industries in Qingdao in 2011 and regarded cultural industry as the key support and new engine to transfer mode, adjust structure and improve the city’s function. It aims to create a more innovative climate and motivate creative ideas of people in all fields, and enhance the city’s strength by the culture-driven strategy. In 2013, Qingdao defined itself as “Cultural Qingdao”, a new idea, and built up three city brands including “Sailing Capital”, “Music Island”, and “Film City”. By giving full play to the role of culture in sustainable development and integrating culture into various fields of economy and society, Qingdao will be made a well-known city of marine culture.

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