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School of Animation and Media, Qingdao Agricultural University


The School of Animation and Media was started in the audio-visual education room of the school in 1983, and developed to an independent school in 2003. Currently, it has five undergraduate majors, namely Animation, Editing, Advertising, Communication, and Digital Media Art, and three secondary master pilots, namely Agricultural Informatization,Virtual Design of Landscape Architecture,and Rural Media Industry Management. It has more than 1600 students at school, 7 Teaching and Research Sections and 63 faculty members. The laboratory area covers more than 2000 square meters,and the total value of the lab equipment is about 30 million yuan.

Since 1983,the School of Animation and Media has created 565agricultural science and education movies, among which 23 movies gained the provincial and ministerial awards,246 movies were published by Science Press and other presses, and over 520 movies were played in CCTV-7.It has won 7 provincial or above teaching achievement awards, namely 2second-class national teaching achievement awards, 3 first-class provincial teaching achievement awards plus 2second-class provincial teaching achievement awards, and moreover,23 film and television creation prizes of provincial and ministerial level.

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