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Qingdao Microfilm Association


In August, 2014, approved by Qingdao Civil Affairs Bureau and administrated by Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication, Qingdao Microfilm Association was established. Members of the association are all microfilm producers and amateurs in Qingdao. Guided by highlighting the themes of the times and encouraging diversity, the association takes promoting cultural development, improving members’ comprehensive quality and making superior microfilms as its responsibility, sticks to microfilm artistic rules and the principles of getting close to reality, life and the masses, and strives to make a platform for communication and interaction between microfilm makers and amateurs on talent, project and capital cooperation.

At present, there are 45 institutional members and nearly 200 individual members in the association. It actively plays the role of organization, guidance and service, holds theme forums and salons regularly, and helps microfilm makers and amateurs improve creative and shooting level through appreciation and analysis of works and expert lectures. The association encourages members to innovate and make exquisite works, at the same time it cultivates and supports workers in the microfilm industry, and tries to make it one of the first-class microfilm associations in China.

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