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Jiaozhou Branch of Qingdao Microfilm Association


In December, 2015, Jiaozhou Branch of Qingdao Microfilm Association held its opening ceremony, which was an independent association approved by Qingdao Microfilm Association. Members of the association are all microfilm producers and amateurs in Jiaozhou. Taking highlighting the themes of the times and encouraging diversity, spreading positive energy and broadcasting “Truth, Goodness and Beauty” as its guiding ideology, the association strives to make a platform for communication and interaction between microfilm makers and amateurs on talent, project and capital cooperation.

At present, there are a dozen of institutional members and more than 50 individual members in the association. The establishment of Jiaozhou Branch of Qingdao Microfilm Association demonstrates the cultural advantage of Jiaozhou, broadcasts its 5000-year history through microfilms, and builds up a regional cultural brand. In addition, the association also promotes the exploration, innovation and development of the microfilm industry in Jiaozhou, and provides a sound promotion platform for the communication between microfilm makers and amateurs.

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