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Qingdao Wanda Cinema in Wanda Plaza, Taidong Road


Qingdao Wanda International Cinema is owned by Wanda Group and located on the fourth floor of Qingdao Wanda Shopping Mall on the prosperous Taidong Road of Shibei District with an area of nearly 5000 square meters, 7 cinema halls, 1878 seats, and a total investment of about RMB 35 million.

The cinema halls are of great spaces with a height of more than 9 meters and a row spacing of the ladder seat of 1.2 meters where the audiences won’t be blocked and can sit comfortably. The screens are of the same size to the wall, providing a super large and wide vision and excellent effects. Seats in the hall are arranged with a split level of 30 degree. Dobly Surround Sound, England HARKNESSG screen and Germany ISCO projection lens provide Qingdao audiences with quality five-star cinema services. There are also environmental facilities of high-end design, barrier-free path for the disabled, luxury bathrooms with LCD TV, computer ticketing system for the audiences to choose film, hall and seat by themselves, and also a shop to offer various delicacies and drinks to the audiences.

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