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Qingdao Yijia Cinema


Qingdao Chengyang Yijia Cinema Co., Ltd. is a cinema of national standard invested and established by the wholly state-owned Qingdao Film Distribution and Releasing Company in Chengyang District. The cinema is located on the third floor of Jiajiayuan Shopping Center, No. 136 Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, which is a comprehensive commercial area of film, dining, shopping, leisure and entertainment. The cinema has an area of about 2200 square meters and 8 cinema halls constructed and decorated according to the five-star standard of the film bureau with a total of 770 seats. The unique open-air leisure area completely receives natural light, where the transparent roof integrates with the natural environment. The central ring-shaped hall and spacious public area provide the audiences with comfortable viewing atmosphere, making the cinema known as the “Sunshine Cinema in the Air” in Qingdao.

Yijia Cinema is a cinema in Shandong Province that completely uses advanced high definition digital and “satellite synchronous transmission” technology projection equipment, which can present 3D digital films. The audio configuration consists of full digital multi-standard stereo and surround audio equipment providing vivid and clear viewing effects, strong sense of presence and powerful impact. Each hall of the cinema has distinct features, which can be used to hold premiere, film star fan meeting, conference and small-scale show, etc. The seats in the halls are aero seats with high backs which perfectly conform to human engineering design, provide a 180 degree super wide view without any barrier, and thus offer better viewing effects. In the leisure area of the hall, not only popcorn, various seasonal drinks and snacks are provided, but also a special area for film souvenirs will be set up to sell different kinds of film-related products.

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