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Qingdao China Cinema


Established in 1931, China Cinema was originally known as “Shandong Grand Theatre”.It was later nationalized after liberation and was renamed as “China Theatre”. During the Cultural Revolution, its name was once changed into “New China Cinema”. In 1986, it was renamed as “China Cinema” with one movie hall and a total of 860 seats.
As an old cinema with a history of more than 80 years, China Cinema has always been a cultural and entertainment landmark in Qingdao that has provideda lot of fun for countless audiences. It haswon several awards. It was named by the Communist Youth League and the Youth Federation as one of the ten most favorite places for entertainment of young people in Qingdao in 1996; the title of “Advanced Unit of Movie Projection in Shandong” by Shandong Provincial Department of Culture in 1998; the title of “Advanced Unit in Qingdao” by the municipal government; and the title of “Advanced Unit” by the government of Shinan District in 2003.

Because the cinema has been built for a long time, it cannot meet the requirements of modern movies in various aspects. In the past several years, the cinema has undergone several renovation. In 2002, the municipal government invested 2.64 million yuan to make an all-round renovation of the cinema, adding central air-conditioning system as well as smoke detector and sprinkler fire protection system. At present, the cinema has four standard movie halls, all equipped with the domestic “Barco” digital projector (2D/3D), Dolby digital sound reproduction system (SR. D), metal screen and seats with high backs. There are altogether five halls: 202 seats in No. 1 Hall; 146 seats in No. 2; 60 seats in No. 6; 28 seats in No. 7 and 19 seats in No. 8. The goal of the cinema is that “customer satisfaction is our wish”.

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