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Qingdao DashangCinema (Mykal Shopping Center, Xinduxin)


Qingdao DashangCinema is a star cinema owned by Dalian DashangCinplex Co., Ltd. and is the first five-star cinema in Qingdao that adopts 4K projection technology. It is located at the 6th floor of Mykal Shopping Center in Xinduxin, No. 88 Harbin Road, Shibei District, Qingdao.

The cinema has 6 modern 3D projection halls equipped with Sony TMS cinema management system, which integrates fully automatic management and control of film-playing, sound, light, electricity inside the hall, and high reflectivity metal screen. All halls have adopted the world’s most advanced 4K Sony digital projector and Sony digital movie server. The image resolution of 4K projector is 4 times of the 2K projector, which can achieve an extremely high average contrast of 8000:1. The unique double-lens 3D system enables the audience to view 3D films with higher brightness, better quality and more vivid motion effects. The UHPUHP bulbs used can reach the brightness of as high as 15000 lumen forthe mercury bulbs, which is the single machine projection system with the best image quality at present. The high fidelity high reduction degree audio equipment and the audio decoder can play 8-channel audio track, providing you with an impressive audio and visual pleassure.

The seats in the halls are fixed soft aero seats with high backs and wide arms. They are comfortable in that it conforms to human engineering design.

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