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Notice on Printing and Distributing the Management Policy on the Use of the Film & Television Industrial Development Fund of Qingdao


1.The film & television industrial development fund amounts up to 1 billion yuan every year, of which, half is specially allocated by the financial authorities of Qingdao municipal and district governments and the rest comes from social capital. With a 5-year term, the fund will be set up in districts (cities) where fund arrangement is permitted.

2.Subsidy standards

Film and television works at home and abroad do not share the same subsidy benchmark, which means different cash rates. A single work can get a subsidy of 120 million yuan at most. The total amount of subsidy allocated for annual production cost shall not exceed the total contributions by all investors that year.

Eligible works will receive the subsidy according to their time of application. If a subsidy runs out of the total amount that year, the excess will be accounted into the next year automatically.

Detailed rules for production cost of outstanding works will be prepared subject to actual local conditions.

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