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Sound Foundation Helps Qingdao Realize Its Dream of Becoming the City of Film


On November 2nd, the news of Qingdao joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) as a City of Film was quickly spread on the Internet and ignited excitement of the whole city. Looking back, the representative of the office in charge of the City of Film application said that Qingdao has done a lot of work in the application, during which many breakthroughs have been made. The city has set up very pragmatic plan for the development of its film industry and given strong support through favorable policies. The efforts have laid a sound foundation and finally help Qingdao realize its dream of becoming the City of Film, an honor the city really deserves.

Well Designed Master Plan—Building a World Class Film Highland

The representative of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication said that the film industry has been designated as one of the ten key emerging industries in the city’s growth model transformation and structural adjustments. Qingdao’s film industry will improve the policy and service system and build a high end exchange platform for film, television and culture by fostering a development mode featuring whole industrial chain, so that quality film and television resources from home and abroad can be attracted to Qingdao and enhance the city’s high end film and television industry.

Meaningful Application Slogan—Qingdao, a City Born for Film

The representative of the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication said that film and television are in the DNA of Qingdao. With over 20 countries diversified architectural style, the city is known as an Expo of World Architecture. In addition, the mild climate has earned it a reputation of Natural Film Studio. Endowed with a long standing film culture, Qingdao sustains the development of its film industry with continual improvement. Setting the application slogan as Qingdao, a City Born for Film further emphasizes the city’s inseparable relationship with film.

Strong Policy Support—Creating a Film and Television Industry Ecosystem

In recent years, a series of policies promoting the development of the film and television industry have been issued in such documents as the Outline of Cultural Development and Reform during the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period in Qingdao, Opinions on Promoting the Development of Film and Television Industry, and Measures for Managing and Using the Film and Television Industry Development Fund. Against the background, abundant energy has been injected into Qingdao’s endeavor in building a world class film and television highland thanks to the strong policy support, innovative service mechanism and reasonable industrial layout.

Favorable Film Cultural Environment—Integrating Film into the Citys DNA

UNESCOs criteria for a City of Film emphasize not only the citys film industry scale, but also its film cultural environment.

Qingdao has three film museums with different styles. They are new platforms to showcase the rich film cultural heritage and bright future for film in Qingdao, and meanwhile are strong evidence of the efforts jointly made by Qingdao citizens from different sectors in the City of Film application.

Qingdao Declaration—Guiding Chinas Film Industry towards Prosperity on the International Stage

A citys contribution to the worlds film development is another important factor the UNESCO considers in reviewing the candidate City of Film. On the UCCN City of Film Summit held by the Qingdao Municipal Government this year, representatives from the UNESCO Creative Cities of Film and the candidate city of Qingdao jointly released the Qingdao Declaration to advocate implementation of the UCCN mission and sustainable development of cities.

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